Heirloom shadowbox frame for baby shoes!

We made another heirloom, it’s a shadowbox frame for baby shoes! These adorable beaded baby moccasins came across our design counter recently. We decided they needed to be in a shadowbox frame for baby shoes! Our client had a photo of them on the baby, and a little bit of family history with the age (5 months) and the year, …

Hanging jewelry case shows off, protects treasures

It’s time to talk about our treasures. We all have at least one… that gorgeous piece of jewelry or ornament that we take out for special occasions, but rarely wear otherwise. How can we enjoy something like this every day? Read more to see how we made it possible to enjoy our favorite jewelry every day, by making a custom …


Frame your family’s christening gowns to preserve and enjoy them for years to come!

Prescott picture framing framer frames

Frame your family’s christening gowns. Why leave them in a dark, scary box? Beautiful, sweet little christening gowns are often handed down for generations; but when it’s time to hang them up for good, why not hang them on the wall? Call your trusty framer to help! Christening gowns mark a special moment for families. New life, new future, brought …


“Flying Goldbricks” bomber framed memorabilia WW2

military medals custom frame preserved

This is one of the cool things about being a picture framer… you get free history lessons when working with your clients!  We learned that the VMSB-243 Flying Goldbricks were a Marine squadron of dive bombers, active in the Pacific campaign during WW2.  They assisted in the Bougainville Campaign and later helped retake the Philippines.  They received several commendations including …


You framed what? Unique bolo tie collection in a shadowbox

shadowbox frame for southwestern bolo tie and belt buckle collection

Hi there and happy Holiday season to all of you in frame-land! It’s another edition of … You framed what? This post is about a unique bolo tie collection in a shadowbox we made here at The Frame and I in lovely Downtown Prescott Arizona.  Handmade custom shadowboxes are a specialty of ours. First off, for all you kids and …


A beautiful custom display case for ballet slippers

A beautiful custom display case for ballet slippers, made right here at The Frame & I, is a sweet display for a little girls' room!

A beautiful custom display case for ballet slippers, made right here at The Frame & I, is a sweet display for a little girls’ room! An expectant mommy brought this project to us recently. Her little girl is due soon, and she is lining her nest in preparation for baby’s arrival. These ballet slippers fit the space perfectly, but she …

Custom Frame your collectibles!

frame your collectibles picture framing prescott

Have you ever gone to a concert that just rocked your world? Our customers did, and they saved the ticket stubs. Have you ever kept concert tickets, photos, posters and other memorabilia around but didn’t know what to do with it?  We know exactly what you can do….. Custom Frame your collectibles! This recent project is so bright and fun. …

Chief Willis shadowbox framing was an extra special project for The Frame & I in Prescott

frames prescott custom picture shadowbox Darrell Willis

We were proud to frame former fire chief Darrell Willis ‘s badges, pins and honors from his position in the fire department in Prescott Arizona in a custom designed shadowbox frame.   Chief Willis shadowbox framing is one of the more personal and historical projects we’ve done. It made us get a little philosophical… At the end of the day, …