Frame your family’s christening gowns to preserve and enjoy them for years to come!

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Frame your family’s christening gowns. Why leave them in a dark, scary box? Beautiful, sweet little christening gowns are often handed down for generations; but when it’s time to hang them up for good, why not hang them on the wall? Call your trusty framer to help!

Frame your family's christening gowns

This precious bonnet was so gorgeous, it needed its own frame. We sewed it in place with cotton thread one stitch at a time, and added a little fluff with cotton batting inside.

Christening gowns mark a special moment for families. New life, new future, brought up in a faithful community and witnessed by all – baptisms and christenings are very important. It could be great-grandfather’s gown, or a dear aunt or uncle’s, or even your only child’s gown… but why keep them if you’re not going to look at them?

These four frames were put together to be displayed as a group in a wide hallway. They will be stunning there!  And they’ll give the family a sense of tradition and history.

Frame your family's christening gowns

This gown and bonnet is the centerpiece of this collection. The frame is nearly 5′ tall with all of the gown’s ruffles and the bonnet at the top. We sewed it so that the skirts flare up, because there is special embroidery on one of the inside skirts that needs to be seen.

Hand-stitching is the hallmark of a well crafted garment, as well as a well crafted frame. All of these gowns are hand sewn into place so that they are well supported and won’t be damaged by tapes or glues that can discolor and become brittle…

Frame your family's christening gowns

This gorgeous Edwardian era christening gown epitomizes hand stitching and TLC. A special heirloom like this needs to be preserved in a great shadowbox case with UV filtering anti reflective glass.

The homespun looking linen in the frames is a beautiful warm grey. Linen is our preferred fabric for preserving items, because it is very durable, beautiful, and inert. These gowns are sure to last lifetimes now! We’re happy to have been a part of this story.

Frame your family's christening gowns

Scalloped hem and cap sleeves adorn this sweet christening gown. The soft gold of the frame and warm, natural color of the linen really make the white gown stand out!

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  1. Do you all make the frames for a baptism gown and bonnet? Is this something that we could work together on via computer since I’m in NC?
    Thank you for your help!


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      Hi! Yes, and yes. Although shipping can be quite costly these days… I’m certainly happy to help you find a framer locally, and work with you through shipping if there isn’t one you love.

  2. hello I’m searching for a shadow box to display a christening gown in but like you mentioned I would like to have access to the gown for future generations to wear. Did you have any luck

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      Hi, yes! It is removable. We can make the front to open like a cabinet; or the back to open (more discreet). The gown can hang inside on a hanger or be lightly stitched in place; the hanger method is easier to remove and replace. I hope this helps! If you live in the Prescott, AZ, USA area we are able to help you locally. Otherwise I’d be happy to refer you to a framing professional near you. -Ida

  3. We have a wonderful gown that we would like to display but also like to have access to it for future baptisms. Can you find someone in our area that might accomplish this goal?

    Thank you.

    Bev and Steve Coffman
    Fort Defiance VA 24437

  4. I am in Hamilton New Zealand. My family christening gown was made by my great grandmother in 1865. I have decided to have it framed because it is now probably too delicate to be worn. Do you know of anyone in N Z who would go this reliably for me?

  5. Hello, I have a christening gown 12×24 that I would like to frame and would like to discuss this with someone

  6. Gorgeous. My mother sewed my children’s gown and she passed away last year. Any framer recs for the Charleston SC area?

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