Handmade Gifts and Decor

When you enter The Frame & I the first thing you’ll see is that we don’t “only” frame pictures! Our talented framers are artists and craftspeople who love to create handmade arts and crafts. Our gallery is full of our gifts and décor items that our little framing elves have lovingly crafted. We love to make our own unique creations like clocks, jewelry boxes, tables, game boards, photo frames and more. We build each one-of-a-kind item out of the overage from our custom picture frame shop.  Each piece is as creative and unique as the custom frames we make! When you look at our handmade gifts and décor, you’ll see that they express the beauty of wood, stone, glass and metal. Natural elements like leaves, feathers, butterfly wings, seeds, branches, bark, pebbles and fibers are all combined with gorgeous picture frame mouldings and reclaimed wood to make very special gift and splurge items.


Our one of a kind timepieces are made using salvaged picture frame moulding samples. When a frame line gets discontinued, the beautiful samples are no longer useful for the frame shop. We struggled with what to do with them for many years – because they’re beautiful! It’s hard to throw them away. So we decided to make clocks out of them. They showcase the beauty of the frame moulding and are enhanced with custom details like leaves, glass, hardware, gold leaf, carved elements, and of course the clock face and hands. Quartz movements keep accurate time. These cool clocks can usually stand or hang. Make great gifts!

Jewelry boxes:

Once you’ve bought some jewelry from our gallery, you’ll need a box to keep it in too! Our handmade boxes are a classy way to store your loot. From simple single compartment boxes to cases with multiple layers, our jewelry boxes are art pieces all on their own. Keep your cufflinks organized in a classy box, or put your favorite necklace and earrings set safely away in a box as elegant and artistic as you are!


We’re just getting started making unique furniture out of bits of picture frames, reclaimed wood and salvaged window frames. Reasonably priced and one of a kind, these art furniture pieces will really set your space apart! Versatile design, colorful yet mellow; these creative custom tables and stands make any room instantly more vibrant, unique and welcoming.