Heirloom shadowbox frame for baby shoes!

We made another heirloom, it’s a shadowbox frame for baby shoes!

shadowbox frame for baby shoes

These adorable beaded baby moccasins came across our design counter recently. We decided they needed to be in a shadowbox frame for baby shoes! Our client had a photo of them on the baby, and a little bit of family history with the age (5 months) and the year, 1922! Whenever we see a collection like this we feel like we hit the jackpot, because a really good shadowbox display tells a story of some kind. This one is the story of the baby shoes and the family they belong to!

Besides being adorable, the photograph shows how the moccasins looked on and who wore them.

We carefully create mounting brackets and/or sew items in place to preserve them in their shadowbox frame. If they ever needed to be removed, they would not be harmed by the way we attached them. We make supports to hold the leather in shape. UV filtering museum glass keeps reflections to a minimum and helps protect the precious heirlooms from UV damage in our harsh UV conditions in Arizona.

The frame is made from reclaimed barn and fence wood, imported from the state of Texas 😉  We love recycling old wood and making something lasting out of it. No two pieces of reclaimed wood are the same! It lends an air of authenticity and age to the frame. The matting is a lovely juniper green colored linen, designed to withstand the test of time.

Do you have a beloved family heirloom that sits in a box in the closet? It’s not getting enjoyed there, is it? We can help you take it out of the box and put it on the wall in a custom shadowbox!

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  1. Awesome! This is such a beautiful display =) I love that you are using reclaimed barn and fence wood. Excellent creation for your client as always!

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