Hanging jewelry case shows off, protects treasures

It’s time to talk about our treasures. We all have at least one… that gorgeous piece of jewelry or ornament that we take out for special occasions, but rarely wear otherwise. How can we enjoy something like this every day? Read more to see how we made it possible to enjoy our favorite jewelry every day, by making a custom hanging jewelry case to show off and protect our handmade tortoise necklace (made by our dear Aunt, Ali)!

hanging jewelry case

This is our antique tortoise necklace. It was languishing in a dark box, never seeing the light of day until we framed it!

What to do, what to do? Our poor necklace is too cool to just stuff away out of sight. The rich colors of turquoise and coral are so lovely against the weathered, hand cast hill tribe silver pieces. Besides, turtles our our power animal! So we need to get this piece out in the open!

Hanging jewelry case

This handmade hanging jewelry case is designed to compliment and protect the artifact it displays. This necklace has a 400 year old coral turtle on it, worthy of admiration whether you’re wearing it or not!

We built the case using silk, red laquer framing and silver embellishments. The dark silk makes the necklace pop and compliments its warmer color nicely. The case itself is lined with metallic strips to bring in light and reflection. A hanger made out of picture frame molding was used to mount the necklace inside the case, without having to permanently attach it!

Hanging jewelry case

Here you can see how the case can be opened, so the jewelry can be worn. Magnets keep the door shut and keep dust out.

You can see here that the case can be opened up so the necklace can be removed. We love this idea because it makes it easy to display the jewelry AND wear it! Best of both worlds. It’s art and adornment; a statement piece for your home and yourself. Showcases like this can be built to any size, finish or color. We can put in UV filtering glass, make it so it can be locked, and add security hangers so it won’t fall off the wall. We’ve framed hundreds of necklaces from delicate gold chains to chunky squash blossoms… but we really wanted to share this colorful tortoise with you!

Jewelry made by our wonderful Aunt Ali.

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Ida Woll

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