Featured Prescott Artists at the Frame & I Gallery

Prescott Arizona is a lot of things to many people.  It’s a great getaway from the Phoenix heat during the summer.  It’s a outdoor enthusiast’s recreational dream.  Prescott is a historic community that still retains a little of the “wild west.”  And it’s also a thriving artistic community, which is what we love about it.

The Frame and I is happy to host several local Prescott Artists.  We’re more than just the best frame shop in Arizona, we’re also a small and selective gallery, making us truly a part of the artistic scene in this town! Custom framing, fine art knowledge, and a showcase for several Prescott artists!

Take a look below at our current featured Prescott artists below!  Better yet, stop in to see their works in person!

Russell Johnson – Landscape Painter

Russell grew up in Prescott, AZ and enjoyed the closeness of the outdoors. Today, he is an avid hiker, seeking out trails to explore. On these explorations, Russell will paint “en plein aire” as well as photograph and sketch subjects for future paintings. Some of his favorite places to hike to find inspiration include: the Grand Canyon, Clear Creek, Wet Beaver Creek, Fossil Creek, West Fork, Oak Creek, the San Francisco Peaks, Granite Mountain, and Watson Woods of Prescott.

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Russell Johnson - Feature Prescott Artist

Russell Johnson enjoys sharing the canyons of Arizona

Ida Kendall fine art at the Frame & I

Burrowing Owl pen and ink

Ida Kendall – Pen & Ink, Paintings, and more!

Come to our gallery in beautiful downtown Prescott Arizona, home to magically surreal artwork by The Frame & I’s owner, Ida Kendall. Her paintings in oils, paintings in acrylics, pen & ink work and more are on display year round. Her work is thought provoking, sometimes comical but often shows a deeper meaning.

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Robert Knudson – Western Landscape Painter

Robert Knudson has been painting the western landscape since 1963. His work is well known and loved throughout the west. He is noted for his innovative use of color and light, working in a variety of mediums including oils, acrylic, watercolor, and pastel. Love of painting and love of the west is Robert’s strong motivation for creating wondrous works of art.

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Susan Daigle-Leach

Susan Daigle-Leach’s earliest memory is of making pictures of animals. Art was a natural part of growing up, but after earning a BFA in Communication Design from Kutztown University in 1983, her personal work took a back seat to graphic design and production.

To learn more about Susan’s artistic journey, click below.

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Michael Kinkade – Photographer

Michael Kinkade lives in Prescott Arizona with his beautiful wife and two daughters. He has a passion for capturing majestic landscapes. Many of his photo locations are quickly recognized by locals however they feel as if they are seeing them for the first time.

To read more about Michael’s work, and see his gallery, click below.

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