Custom Frame your collectibles!

frame your collectibles picture framing prescott

Have you ever gone to a concert that just rocked your world? Our customers did, and they saved the ticket stubs. Have you ever kept concert tickets, photos, posters and other memorabilia around but didn’t know what to do with it?  We know exactly what you can do…..

Custom Frame your collectibles!

This recent project is so bright and fun. We framed the album, tickets, and photos on top of a dark purple, with a red overmat. A handmade custom inlay frame finishes the look perfectly by picking up the color and the design of the album. It’s lively, harmonious, loud and funky. We love it!

frame your collectibles

Taj Mahal album, tickets and photos framed in a custom inlay frame and red mat

Our customer couldn’t resist the red, yellow, blue and black checkers on this frame… it relates so well to the design in the album art.

There are many ways to custom frame your collectibles! This is just one example. Other ways to frame them are in custom deep frames, called shadowboxes. Our craftspeople carefully attach each item in the frame in such a way that it can come back out intact if needed. Sewing and fabricating attachments so the items can be framed without gluing them in is a skill that takes years to master. Check out this custom shadowbox we did recently, of handmade dolls and photos from South Korea:

These delicate little dolls are all handmade of wood and silk. The pouches are child’s purses; also hand made and knotted. The photos show a childhood home, and two sisters smiling and posing with their dolls. The letter, from a family friend, on gorgeous fuschia handmade paper. We framed them on linen in an elegant black deep shadowbox frame.

Frame your collectibles!


Collectible frames don’t have to be “square”… or rectangular 😉  We can also build nearly any shape you might need. Look at this one, it’s a triangle!

frame your collectibles!

Custom framed bandana from Reverend Horton Heat concert, in a unique triangle shaped frame.

How about this one, with the tiny cowboy boots?  Oh my gosh. So cute.

frame your collectibles!

Custom framed child’s boots

So have you got any collectibles to frame?  Custom frame your collectibles with us. We will treat you, and them, right!

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