Custom Framing

Custom picture framing is an art in itself. Let the creative staff of the Frame & I help you choose the perfect colors and styles to match your artwork and your décor from among the hundreds of frame samples that we have. Our highly trained staff can also advise you about the conservation framing materials that are available for your artwork. Whether you need to frame a photograph for your home, a fine art print for your office, your original painting, or a family heirloom, the experts at The Frame & I can help you make the best choice of materials.

Custom Framing from the Frame and I, Prescott Arizona

Framer showing frame design options at The Frame & I


What is a certified picture framer?

Many industries have created systems in which individuals can prove their skills and knowledge through testing.

The Professional Picture Framers Association has also created a system in which professional framers can be tested against the latest industry knowledge.

Our membership has many talented and dedicated individuals who practice the art of framing. Although not all picture framers who are qualified in our field have chosen to be tested and certified, those that are have demonstrated the following criteria.

What does it take to be a Certified Picture Framer (CPF)?

  • Has at least one year of experience
  • Passed a comprehensive 3.5-hour written examination
  • Keeps up to date with current framing standards and practices through regular recertification
  • Familiar with materials, techniques and design theories
  • Internationally recognized
  • Accredited by the Professional Picture Framers Association, an industry trade association

You can trust that a CPF has the knowledge and experience to handle your valuable art, photos, heirlooms and collections. We have studied hard, and passed the test.

Framing should last a lifetime – We make sure your frame is not only beautiful but will stand the test of time.  Conservation grade materials are our standard, including UV filtering glass and archival techniques.