“Flying Goldbricks” bomber framed memorabilia WW2

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"Flying Goldbricks"bomber framed memorabilia WW2

Framed portrait, patch, wings, and nameplate. Flying Goldbricks, Second LT. Roy Comstock.

This is one of the cool things about being a picture framer… you get free history lessons when working with your clients!  We learned that the VMSB-243 Flying Goldbricks were a Marine squadron of dive bombers, active in the Pacific campaign during WW2.  They assisted in the Bougainville Campaign and later helped retake the Philippines.  They received several commendations including the Navy Unit Commendation with one bronze star.  You can read more about the history of the Flying Goldbricks here.

We recently got to re-frame this WW2 memorabilia collection, to dress it up a bit and ensure it will last for generations. It’s matted in taupe suede, with two mats and fillets (the tiny frames around the interior photos).  The frame is clad with hammered aluminum, which evokes the thought of aircraft skins. The ultraviolet filtering glass is coated with an anti-reflective coating that really minimizes reflections, so the photos and other items really pop!

When all of these items are displayed elegantly and safely under UV filtering glass, they will last lifetimes. What better way to let people know something is important than by putting it in a show stopping frame?

We hope we did justice to this interesting collection of photos by framing it this way.  What do you think?


All the best,

Ida K.

"Flying Goldbricks" bomber framed memorabilia WW2

Detail of the custom cutout wings and the portrait


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  1. This is really well done and very impressive. My Dad – S/SGT Richard L. Harding, USMC was assigned to VMSB-243 when it was first commissioned at Santa Barbara and flew two-combat tours with the squadron as a radio/gunner.

    1. Post

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