Chief Willis shadowbox framing was an extra special project for The Frame & I in Prescott

frames prescott custom picture shadowbox Darrell Willis

We were proud to frame former fire chief Darrell Willis ‘s badges, pins and honors from his position in the fire department in Prescott Arizona in a custom designed shadowbox frame.

chief Willis custom shadowbox framing prescott az

Chief Willis shadowbox framing displays badges, pins and nametags from a long and storied career in Prescott.


Chief Willis shadowbox framing is one of the more personal and historical projects we’ve done. It made us get a little philosophical… At the end of the day, when your work is done, what to do with all those mementos of your career? Sure, you could keep them in a box that you get out once in a while and fondly remember… but that is easily hidden and often forgotten. A custom framed shadowbox tells the story of your life’s work and lets you share it with the world. When these items walked in our door, we knew they deserved a special shadowbox to show them off. Chief Willis was at the helm at one of Prescott’s most difficult times, the loss of the 19 Granite Mountain Hotshot wildland firefighters. We thank him for his service, and we really hope he likes his shadowbox! For more about Chief Willis’s retirement, click here.

Chief Willis dedicated his life to serving the public, and his contribution is well honored now! To start this project, we built a frame out of a deep pewter colored molding, slightly on the modern side. The backdrop is a rich deep blue suede cloth matboard, with a painted bevel “pinstripe” inside to tie all of the elements together. Anti-reflective, museum quality Artglass was used to keep mirror-like reflections to a minimum.  Every piece was sewn or pinned into the frame, we don’t use glue to attach the items (just in case he decides to come back out of retirement 🙂   ). Can you think of anyone who might deserve a display like this? We all know somebody who’s worked hard all their life. Skip the gold watch and tell their story out loud, for a change. Shadowbox their memories and save them for lifetimes to come. Bring it all to The Frame & I where we can help with framing your custom shadowbox, just like we did for Chief Willis.

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