Frame your family’s christening gowns to preserve and enjoy them for years to come!

Prescott picture framing framer frames

Frame your family’s christening gowns. Why leave them in a dark, scary box? Beautiful, sweet little christening gowns are often handed down for generations; but when it’s time to hang them up for good, why not hang them on the wall? Call your trusty framer to help! Christening gowns mark a special moment for families. New life, new future, brought …

Beautifully framed Mexican retablo engravings

Beautifully framed Mexican retablo engravings

Just in time for Easter, we’ve framed some beautiful Mexican retablo engravings! Actual retablos can be found all over Mexico. They are usually painted and carved in bright colors. Typically they’re found at or around altars, and usually they give homage to Mary, mother of Christ. They can also honor particular Catholic saints or the Christ child. They are made …