Beautifully framed Mexican retablo engravings

Beautifully framed Mexican retablo engravings

Just in time for Easter, we’ve framed some beautiful Mexican retablo engravings!

Actual retablos can be found all over Mexico. They are usually painted and carved in bright colors. Typically they’re found at or around altars, and usually they give homage to Mary, mother of Christ. They can also honor particular Catholic saints or the Christ child. They are made in thanks for the healing of a loved one or for an answered prayer. These are beautifully made expressions of faith and thankfulness!

Beautifully framed Mexican retalbo engravings

This beautiful engraving of a Mexican retablo is framed in sterling silver leaf water-gilded frame moulding. The wide museum quality mat and fillet give it space and allow the viewer to really appreciate the texture in both the frame and the engraving.

These little engravings are copies of existing retablos made for an illustrated book, or as  beautiful prints in their own right.  Our ultra talented framers made little fillets (they’re like miniature frames) to fit inside the mats. These fillets give added depth and beauty to the designs.

Classic greys and soft sterling silver set off the look of the detailed engravings.  Take a close look at the engraving below, and you’ll see that the mat and fillet are specially cut to reflect the design of the architecture in the retablo.

Beautifully framed Mexican retalbo engravings

This retablo engraving has a unique shape to it. We decided to emulate that shape with a handmade wood fillet (a miniature frame) inside the mat, and cuts in the mat that emulate the shape. A glorious sterling silver frame caps off the elegant wide mat and evokes the swag designs in the art. Muy guapo!


Come in to the Frame & I gallery to see these gorgeous pieces, just in time for Easter! They are for sale, for all of you collectors out there =)

Happy Easter to you all; here’s to longer days and a sunny spring.

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