New in the gallery, “Balloon Animals” by Ida Woll

balloon animals ida kendall

Just when we’d thought there wouldn’t be anything new for a while, Ida surprised us with a new series of paintings! Behold, the “Balloon Animals” series.  These seriously whimsical paintings are cute, yet a little bit off kilter. How did the animals get into these predicaments? And are we invited to the party? One idea springboards another, so once she …

Art Student of the Month is Miller Valley Kristina Cottam

custom framed kids art

April’s Art Student of the Month is Miller Valley kindergartner, Kristina Cottam! This artwork Kristina made is extra special. She made it using colorful feathers, sand, collaged paper, and buttons. Russell thought it would be perfect to add some matching green colored fasteners to the frame; they really “button it up” 😉  The cut out artwork is floated in the …