Winter’s Crossing Greeting Card by Russell Johnson


Red Rock Crossing is a scenic portion of Oak Creek in Sedona, AZ. Red rock beds are water carved and cathedral-like formations are visible and beautifully reflected in the clear waters.

This painting was inspired by a Christmas Day picnic as swirling dark clouds partially blocked the sun, spotlighting red rocks and shoreline. Russell Johnson completed this oil painting entirely with a palette knife. Russell’s personal vision strikes an emotional chord through his expressive use of color.

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The Frame and I hopes you enjoy our selection of greeting cards from local artists Ida Woll and Russell Johnson. These artistic creations are a great example of the types of artists we work with. Whether your looking for gifts for friends and family or looking to frame your own masterpiece or keepsake, keep the Frame and I in mind.

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For further information please feel free to call us at (928) 445-5073