Ida Woll fine art at the Frame & I in Prescott AZ

Thought provoking art by Ida Woll

Come to our gallery in beautiful downtown Prescott Arizona, home to magically surreal artwork by The Frame & I’s owner, Ida Woll. Her paintings in oils, paintings in acrylics, pen & ink work and more are on display year round. Her work is thought provoking, sometimes comical but often shows a deeper meaning.

Artist’s Statement:

“Art making is a form of communication that at once surpasses and subverts most written language. My destination is expressing that which can’t be explained. Art is my vehicle. The imagery I use is a mixture of subconscious dream imagery and spontaneous drawing. I rarely begin a painting with a sketch, agenda or plan, rather an idea or an emotion that bears further exploration. I want the experience of my painting to be a catalyst to deeper introspection, a meditation on form and rhythm, a shared emotion rarely given voice. If there were only one reason for painting it would be to open the eyes of the soul, in the artist and in the viewer. It’s my desire to provoke the audience into further thought upon the subject of their own mortality. Not in a despairing sense but rather with the joy of knowing that this world is an impermanent, imperfect thing. Materialistic grasping is a source of great suffering in many. My hope through painting is to visually explain the letdown we all feel when faith in the temporal is broken – symbolic “gargoyles” set to ward against over reliance on this world and its fugitive posturing. Addictions spring from a desire for a “happy” life. Rather we should seek a happy death – one where we pass into the next life with the peace of knowing this life was lived well.”

You can buy prints of Ida’s artwork at Fine Art America. Or if you’re in Prescott, stop by to see and buy Ida’s prints and originals!

Ida Woll fine art at the Frame & I Prescott AZ

Until Death