A new angle on a pennant frame

A new angle on a pennant frame
A new angle on a pennant frame

This Yellowstone Park pennant is not in your ordinary frame. We made a custom triangle to fit the pennant’s points!


When you think of picture frames, I bet the first shape that comes to mind is a rectangle.  Well not to throw shade at that revered shape, but why does it have to be a rectangle every time?  We here at The Frame and I can custom frame anything and build any shape you want. We put a new angle on a pennant frame…  So let’s go for it!  Rah, rah rah!

This awesome vintage pennant is part of a larger collection of national park memorabilia. Our clients didn’t want it to be ordinary, so we stepped up and built a frame that really stands out.  It’s a wonderful dark brown rustic hardwood, with a beaded edge and subtle distressing all over.  The pennant is hand-sewn to a suede covered matboard and then spaced away from the glass with invisible spacers. The space is important to keep the pennant from getting mildew or moisture damage from contact with the glass.

Once finished, this frame measured nearly 48″ long.

Have you got anything that’s an unusual shape, like oval, circle, octagon, pentagon, star, triangle, trapezoid?  We can frame that!  Check out our complete gallery of unusual shapes right here, or keep scrolling for a few select images.

Prescott frame shop builds custom arch

Prescott frame shop builds custom arch frame – Here you see the frame builder Francine (foreground), and our happy clients.

military flag frame prescott az

Custom frame folded military flag with pins and medals included honor a life of service.



Belt buckle frame

This frame was made to fit the shape of the belt and buckle. We put some barbed wire in with it to add to the western look.


coffin shaped frame

This coffin shaped frame was made as a contest entry for Direct Moulding. We didn’t win, but we had fun making this!


So, what shape can we make for you?

Thanks for taking a look, and have an awesome day!
Best regards-

Ida Woll

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  1. I have the exact same Yellowstone pennant and would like to get framed.

    Two questions – The cost and I live in Minnesota, can we do everything by mail/UPS?

  2. Post

    Hi George,
    We could do this exact framing for you, the cost would be around $800 for the handmade frame. We can work with you by mail. Thanks for asking!

  3. I have two old Indy 500 pennants that I would like to frame and display the way you have done the Yellowstone pennant. One pennant is 13″ x 29″ and the other is 12″ x 26″. They are quite old and doubt they would make the journey to AZ safely. So wondering if you could make the custom triangle frames for me and in the proper sizes based upon their size and send them to me so I can provide to my local frame shop that can mount them like you have done with the Yellowstone pennant. They just do not make angled frames, but will do the proper mounting if i can provide the frames. Not looking for special frame, just one that would fit my pieces. Everything on line is 12″ x 30″ which would not work. I could provide you with pictures of them so you can see what they look like. Just looking for options and found your website.

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