19 Hotshots Memorial frame

19 Hotshots Memorial Frame

We were recently approached by Donna from Whiskers Barkery in downtown Prescott to frame a very special photo. This photo, of one of the Granite Mountain Hotshots buggies with fallen hotshot Eric Marsh’s dog and boot on the bumper has an important meaning for those of us who live in Prescott, Yarnell and the surrounding communities. You see, on June …


Rustic reclaimed wood mirror frames

rustic reclaimed wood mirror frames

Rustic reclaimed wood mirror frames are a new spin on the standard household mirror! Do you ever wish your mirror frames had just a little more personality? Do your mirrors even have frames at all? 🙂 These hefty, rugged old wood frames really have it all going on. Weathered and old, rustic and industrial; with a little touch of art …