Rustic reclaimed wood mirror frames

rustic reclaimed wood mirror frames

Rustic reclaimed wood mirror frames are a new spin on the standard household mirror!

Do you ever wish your mirror frames had just a little more personality? Do your mirrors even have frames at all? 🙂

These hefty, rugged old wood frames really have it all going on. Weathered and old, rustic and industrial; with a little touch of art in the rusty nail designs. We purposefully tone the inside panel darker and left the outside edge natural grey. These would look amazing in a space with custom tile mosaic work or wood and stone. Authentic materials are all the rage in 2016 and don’t seem to be slowing down in popularity!

rustic reclaimed wood mirror frames

These rustic reclaimed wood mirror frames will look awesome in their new home!

Imagine mirrors like this over a concrete counter or a console table made of wood planks… or in a foyer of a rustic cabin… or in an industrial style space full of old metal and aged leather! They could even really rock a space full of chalk painted furniture or mid-century modern if you felt like mixing things up…

Of course western and Spanish style homes are naturals for this style of frame.

rustic reclaimed wood mirror frames

Detail of the reclaimed wood frames, showing the handmade clavos (Spanish for hand forged nails) we used for decoration.

Our customer just picked these up and was SO excited… What kind of mirrors can we make for you? Well, let me show you some of our other styles!

wood mirror frames

Victorian style silver mirrors are elegant. Never mind our old carpet! hehe

wood mirror frame

Burlwood and rope on a beveled mirror

wood mirror frame

One of a kind Art Nouveau style mirror that swivels, handmade at Frame & I