You’ve been framed! Super cute western family photo

Super cute western framed family photo
Super cute western framed family photo

Super cute western style framed family photo with turquoise inlay arrows, conchos and silver buckle.

Frame your wife, hang your kids… Your whole family’s been framed!

A great frame helps to tell the story of the picture inside it. This custom made reclaimed wood frame really gives this western family a homestead! Everybody looks ready for a day outside in their jeans and plaid (or pink). Don’t you just love how this frame really ties together the rustic backdrop in the photo? Look at how the conchos and belt buckle feel like they came straight out of the old west… Awesome, fun and so unique!

To make this frame we search out old fences and barns from our vendors, and get the wood to make the frame with. Then we painstakingly carve out the areas for the turquoise inlay. We got turquoise chips from our great client, Jeff at Ogg’s Hogan (check them out!). Our customer brought in the conchos and the silver bear claw buckle to add to the design. Then we got to work.

barnwood frames prescott western rustic reclaimed

Rustic barnwood and fencewood frames show the crusty character of old, weathered wood.

Framing a family portrait means extra special care and attention to detail. We want it to last lifetimes – the kids’ grandkids’ kids will still enjoy this in the year 2150 if we do our job right! Making sure everything is preserved is a must. We mount the photo under UV filtering, low reflective glass to protect it from UV, bugs, dust and atmosphere. The art itself is kept off of the glass with a spacer and then carefully mounted in the frame. When attaching it to the frame, we use reversible methods so the photo itself is not damaged. No glue, tape, or any other invasive material is used to hold it in. Finally the whole project is finished off with a dust cover, to keep creepy crawlies and pollution out of the back. Wire or cleats are used to hang the work. All set!

We hope this portrait has a very special place in its new home. It was a joy to frame and we think it turned out awesome!

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