Why choose custom picture framing?

Why choose custom picture framing?

Choosing custom picture framing over DIY options can sometimes seem daunting… there are so many choices! When it comes to those special items, concert posters, antiques, heirlooms, mementos, letters, photos, artwork, needlework, and so many frameable things we believe custom framing is the best option because…. Well, keep scrolling to read more about it and check out images of some of the really neat custom picture framing we’ve done here at The Frame & I!

secret picture frame stash

The front of this frame is an elegant display of an eloquent love letter, photo and wedding cake topper

Proper Fit and Display: Custom picture framing ensures that your artwork fits perfectly within the frame, with precise measurements and appropriate spacing. It prevents any damage caused by loose or tight fittings that can lead to warping, bending, or movement within the frame. A well-fitted frame also prevents dust and debris from entering the display area.

Preservation of Memories: Custom framing is not limited to artwork. It can be used to preserve and display other cherished items like photographs, certificates, memorabilia, or family heirlooms. By framing these items, you can protect them from deterioration and showcase them as a part of your personal history or family legacy.

Customization and Uniqueness: Custom framing allows you to create a unique and personalized display for your artwork. You have the freedom to choose from a wide variety of frame styles, colors, matting options, and glazing materials to create a look that is distinctive and tailored to your taste. This level of customization sets your framed artwork apart and adds an element of individuality to your collection.


Professional Advice and Expertise: Custom picture framers are skilled professionals who can provide expert advice on frame selection, matting, and other framing options. They have a deep understanding of different materials, techniques, and trends in the industry. Their knowledge and experience can help you make informed decisions that best suit your artwork and personal preferences.


bomber shaped frame

Aesthetics and Presentation: Custom picture framing allows you to create a personalized and tailored presentation for your artwork. You have control over the frame style, matting, and glazing options, enabling you to enhance and complement the artwork’s visual appeal. The frame can be chosen to match your personal taste, interior decor, or the overall theme of a gallery or exhibition.



Prescott High School Basketball

This PHS basketball memory is so very special. We loved framing it at The Frame & I!

custom framed valentines make sweet gifts

Write an original poem and let us put it in a handmade custom frame for the sweetest gift ever!

Preservation of Artwork: Custom picture framing ensures the proper preservation and protection of your artwork or valuable items. It helps shield them from dust, moisture, and harmful UV rays, which can cause fading, discoloration, and deterioration over time. Custom framers use archival materials and techniques to create a protective environment for your artwork, extending its lifespan.

frames prescott custom picture shadowbox Darrell Willis

Retired fire chief Willis badges and pins from a long, storied career.

Cozy Campfire

Value Enhancement: Professionally custom-framed artwork generally holds higher value in the market compared to unframed pieces. A well-chosen and well-executed frame enhances the perceived value of the artwork and can significantly contribute to its overall market appeal. Custom framing can make your artwork more attractive to potential buyers, collectors, or galleries.

why does picture framing cost so much?

We think custom picture framing is worth it because it preserves and protects your artwork, enhances its visual appeal, ensures a proper fit and display, adds value, preserves memories, provides professional expertise, and allows for customization and uniqueness.

Choose custom picture framing! It can significantly enhance your overall enjoyment, presentation, and longevity of your artwork or cherished items!

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