We will never forget.

We will never forget. Their service, their sacrifice. Memorial day is a time to remember the cost of the freedoms we enjoy – and to honor those who gave their all for an ideal they believed in.  Every time we are entrusted with these mementos of brave souls we are humbled and honored. So let us just say…

Thank you. We miss you. Your light still shines… We are so humbled by your dedication and service. We admire your courage. We respect your dedication. We want to honor and remember you fondly. You challenged us to be our best, too. If only we could tell you… One more time.

Memorial day is a time to remember

We Remember…


Here are some special memorials we have had the honor of framing. We hope you have a good Memorial Day weekend!

military flag frame prescott az

Custom frame folded military flag with pins and medals included honor a life of service.

Memorial Box

Meritorious Service State Dept Memorial

Memorial day is a time to remember

Warrior’s Medal of Valor

Frame it for Christmas at the Frame & I prescott

Framed Purple Heart medal with caption nameplate.

Air Medals, Patches, and Army Commendation

Memorial day is a time to remember

Pilot portrait, with an embossed silhouette of the aircraft he flew.

Memorial day is a time to remember

Marines patches and bars

These banners were a unique way to display a military portrait. They hold up a lot better in a shadowbox frame, protected by glass.

memorials framing

Custom framing really makes this collection museum worthy!

acrylic display case for officer

Navy hat, service medals and ephemera from a life of service.

We hope you’ve enjoyed seeing these special mementos of military service. It has been our privilege to frame and display these so that the memory of the brave lives on.

If you’re planning on displaying military items, remember it’s important to use UV filtering glass to protect them. Make sure your framer can attach the objects without gluing them, because adhesives are destructive to medals and fabrics. They should be sewn in place or have special mounts built for them.

Thanks for reading,


Ida Woll