Violin Shadowbox Frame

why does picture framing cost so much?

Handsome violin shadowbox frame

Framing an instrument in a shadowbox is a fantastic way to preserve its beauty, once it’s retired. We framed this violin in a faux leather shadowbox frame which really sets off the luster and depth of the wooden instrument. The addition of a photo of the musician helps tell the story of the piece. We also tooled the artist’s name into the leather frame at the bottom. We love it!

violin shadowbox frame

Violin Shadowbox Frame

Violin Shadowbox Frame

Have you got an heirloom instrument that is just laying around in its case? This kind of shadowbox frame display for violins, horns, ukuleles, guitars or any number of instruments can be just the ticket to preserve and enjoy them long past their playability.

We frame for life, so the instrument is mounted with museum mounting techniques. No adhesives involved. If someone wanted to take it out and play it, they could. That is the idea of preserving the items you frame, and that is our primary goal – to frame them so that they tell your story and they last lifetimes.

Check out the embossed name on the frame, below:

violin shadowbox frame

We embossed the violinist’s name into the faux leather frame surface.

Just imagine what else can be framed in a shadowbox frame… then bring it it to us to do the work. We’ll help you pick the perfect frame for your treasure. Tell your story and trust our custom picture framing professionals with the rest.

Oh, and a big shout out to Design Star 2014, Christian Harwell, for designing this amazing faux leather frame line! We love it and use it a bunch here in Arizona… go figure? 😉


The last violin we framed in a shadobox went into old reclaimed wood. That violin was in, shall we say, much more “rugged” shape and needed a frame that looked just as old and worn as it did.


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  1. Good morning, I am looking for a shadowbox frame for a Ukulele. Do you have a showroom? Can one be purchased same day, or will it have to be special ordered? What will one cost? Thank you.

    1. Post

      Hi Terry! We make each shadowbox one at a time, to our customer’s specifications. We certainly can make one for a Ukeulele 🙂 We can make it so you can access the instrument, or make it sealed depending on your needs. Every frame we make is designed to protect and preserve the items we frame. I hope we can work with you on framing your Uke!

  2. How is the violin secured? I have my great grandfathers violin and would like to display it but am concerned about damaging it.

    1. Post

      Hi Kim,
      We attach the violin with bracket supports, so it isn’t harmed in any way. The brackets are cushioned so they don’t damage the wood of the instrument. We work hard to make them virtually invisible so they are hard to see in the photo 🙂 Thanks for asking!

  3. My daughter has an autographed violin that she has grown out of that we would love to display. It’s 1/4 size.

  4. Hello!

    I want to find a beautiful display case for an old violin that has been passed down in our family for 100 years.

    I have the violin, a picture of the original man who bought and played it, packs of replacement strings from Germany, old newspaper articles about the original owner…. and some fabric that I was thinking may be used for the lining inside the box.

    What ideas do you have for such a box? What is the timeline? Do you need pictures? Do you just build the box and I put everything inside?

    I would like a vertically shaped box with the violin at an angle like your advertisement photo.

    Thank you!

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