Frame Independent and Proud at The Frame & I picture framing Prescott, AZ, USA!

Frame Independent and Proud at The Frame & I picture framing Prescott, AZ, USA!

What is this dream? Isn’t the world and our nation all screwed up these days? …We say the dream is still alive. It lives in each and every one of us who has chosen to follow our passion.  Our passion is making first class picture frames!  We don’t do that by paying minimum wage and demanding crazy shifts out of our staff… We are independent and local because we believe work and business can be different. We aim to provide the best service and fantastic frames for you to enjoy for the ages. Our designers are top notch, with a wealth of artistic and picture framing experience!

Lots of independent shops have embraced the American dream too.  Just walk down any street in Downtown Prescott, AZ and you will encounter local, one of a kind shops and restaurants, and a vibe that is unique to our place in the world.  This still exists here because Prescott has not become a town of clones, clone stores and clone houses… it still has a very unique sense of Self and that is in large part due to the vast number of independent and locally owned stores in the area.

support the American dream, frame independent!

We framed this rodeo piece as a fundraiser for the World’s Oldest Rodeo in Prescott!

Why is local different, and who cares, really?

Local businesses support the community by paying typically higher wages, by hiring local services like insurance agents, accountants and banks, by owning or renting real estate that supports the tax base, by collecting sales taxes, by donating and volunteering to local charities, and by providing an experience that is unique in the world.


Superman is a true American icon! We framed this original watercolor illustration in a steely, manly frame.

When you support a small independent shop like The Frame & I and many others in Prescott or the Quad-city area, you make sure that the town keeps its own unique vibe.  And that’s why INDEPENDENCE matters!  There is not another framer in the nation like us… and we have been framing for 32 years because we love our community.

Lil cowpuncher outfit is adorable as a framed display

Being independent also means that we are able to give back to our community in many ways without a lot of red tape… When you frame local and independent with us, you support these great causes too:

Yavapai Big Brothers/ Big Sisters -mentoring and adult role models matched with at-risk kids

Yavapai Humane Society- puppies and kitties!

Coalition for Compassion and Justice – many various programs that help those who need it most… from school supplies for impoverished kids to home repair for those who can’t.

Prescott Area Habitat for Humanity – helping people attain the American dream of owning their own home and bringing them up out of poverty.

Cruise in for Veterans – A fun car show that raises money to help the volunteer services at our local Prescott VA.

Art Scholarships, raffles and auctions, and much more.


Thank you for framing INDEPENDENT with us!

Happy Independence Day,

-Ida K.


Support the American dream, frame independent!

This awesome American flag art print was made by local, independent artist Dave Newman of Newman Gallery. We framed it in a classic 1700’s era style frame. You can see more of Dave’s art at davenewmanart.com


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  1. Is the “World’s Oldest Rodeo” with the American Flag background available to purchase? If so, what are its dimensions?

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  2. The Rodeo Office does still have the posters, but I will wait until after the Rodeo to purchase one and then bring it in for framing!

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