Vintage stitch, new stitch needlework framed in Prescott

frame vintage or new cross stitch

Vintage stitch and new stitch – have your needlework framed in Prescott! Did you just finish your latest project, or have a family heirloom? We are here to help you find the best frame to enhance it. Vintage needlepoint, embroidery, crewel, and cross stitch need special care when being framed. Frame your cross stitch the right way and it will …


Frame your needlework professionally at The Frame and I

frame your needlepoint professionally at the frame and i

For those of you who are in the know, needlework is a labor of love. The hours and hours spent stitching tiny threads into a larger picture are so rewarding when they are finished.  Now that you’ve got it finished, you need to frame your needlework professionally at The Frame and I! From embroidery to cross stitch, petit point, hardanger, …