Student artists get framed! Taylor Hicks and Lincoln

Our framed featured student artists represent Taylor Hicks and Lincoln schools this month!

Even though it sounds bad, great things happen when student artists get framed!

Our mission at the Frame and I is to support young artists and teachers in promoting the arts. The arts play an important role in developing student’s brains… encouraging creativity, problem solving and hands-on dexterity. We want to show support for them, so we frame the chosen art students’ work in one of a kind, fully customized picture frames each month.

Ryder Dean’s original Lynx artwork, mixed media, Taylor Hicks school

These first two artworks are super fun to compare. Not only are they the same subject approached in entirely different ways; they’re made by siblings! We’ll say Ryder’s is fauvist and abstract, while Reina’s tends toward naturalistic realism. Both are amazing! Great work, Dean kids!

Reina Dean’s original lynx artwork in colored pencil. Taylor Hicks School

This next piece is a wonderful colorful saguaro. The sun beats down overhead as the cactus presses up into the faded blue sky… the heat so intense colors vibrate off of the fauna… 🙂   Russell carved the mat to replicate the cactus ribs, and we put a rusty looking old fashioned frame on it to give it an old west feel…

Lyla Cosgrove’s original mixed media Saguaro artwork, Lincoln elementary

Anytime you’re in the downtown Prescott area, come check out our picture frame shop! You may see these or other fabulous student artists get framed at the same time…

We put them on display in our window for a week or two at a time so watch for our beloved student artists!

Have a fabulous day, thank you for reading!


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