Showcase framing a commemorative ring

custom shadowbox frame prescott

Showcase framing a commemorative ring should look awesome. Just like this, of course!

Showcase frame for men's ring

This commemorative ring was too beautiful to leave in a jewelry box.

The detail on commemorative rings is beautiful, intricate, and wraps all the way around the ring. When you’re finally tired of wearing yours, or if you received one as an heirloom, or just never used it as a ring… whatever the case may be, you can always frame it and still enjoy the memories! Proclaiming your accomplishment is as easy as bringing it to The Frame & I to have it framed in a custom showcase like this one, or choose any frame style and finish that you like. Custom showcase framing really shows off your special pieces perfectly.

Showcase framing a commemorative ring can be extra, extra special. Want to know how we made this one really pop? Well, after chatting with our client about what she wanted, we chose a tarnished gold that matches the gold ring band and contrasts really nicely with the turquoise design on the front. Next, we offset the bright colors of the ring with a rich velvety black suede backing. We really went over the top and hit a home run with hand cut mirrored beveled sides, so that at any angle you can see all of the detail on the sides of the ring. The case is also designed to be opened, so if the ring ever needs to be worn it can be taken back out. Anti-reflective museum quality Art Glass is used on the front so that no reflections distract from the ring. This gorgeous little showcase is small enough for a desk, console or bookshelf; but can also hang on the wall.

What kind of special mementos have you got that could be framed like this? I keep hoping someday, someone will come in with a full set of championship rings =)

Happy Memorial Day weekend, Prescott! Keep on framing. -Ida Woll, president, The Frame and I custom picture framing

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