Regal pug needlework framed perfectly!

Framing can turn needlework into a true art form! Hint, it IS an art form! This pugnacious pug is a custom needlepoint design our client wanted royally framed.

needlework framed

Needlepoint framing takes care and time. After choosing color, materials, proportions and design, we carefully hand-stretch every needlepoint onto archival boards. We pin or lace them down so they are flat and square. This process preserves the needlework while displaying it best, without using any sticky board or glue!

We thought a linen fabric really complimented this work, along with an ancient looking wood frame to bring out texture and the color of the pug face 😉

Museum glass really caps it off, you can’t even tell it has glass on it in the right lighting!

Absolutely adorable!


Want to see more of our needlework framing? Check out examples by clicking right here! Or, scroll down to see some unique projects we’ve done.

The piece pictured above is embroidery and ink on PAPER! It’s very old, made in the early 1800’s. We framed it to show all of its natural age. Silk and gold enhance the lush aged patina of the art. We floated it on top of a mushroom color so that you can really see all the dings and tears.

This embroidered hanky was framed as a diamond to make a unique display!

This little quilted piece has a lot of fun texture and rich color that we wanted to play up!


Cross stitch, embroidery, crewel, crochet, quilting, petit-point and most needlework takes hours, days, and months to complete! The last thing you want to do is throw all of that effort into a slap-it -ogether frame. We are here to help you frame it to last a lifetime!


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