We preserve and display officer’s sword in a shadowbox frame

You wore it proudly while you served, and now that it’s not in daily use, why not preserve and display your officer’s sword in a shadowbox frame made by us?

This is a Vietnam era Navy Officer’s sword and scabbard, in a classic gold and black shadowbox frame with navy blue suede background. Hand sewn and wired in place, with custom wrapped mounts and UV filtering, low reflection Museum glass. We’re especially honored to have framed this one, because it belongs to Ida’s dad, Paul!

We at the Frame & I are experts at framing military memorabilia, and officer’s swords are no exception! Rich fabrics and elegant frames make the swords really stand out. Create a conversation piece and an heirloom for your family by having us place your sword in a hand crafted shadowbox like the ones pictured below:

officer's sword in a shadowbox

This sword is of unknown time origin for us, it probably belonged to a Masonic knight templar. It was passed down from Grandfather to father to daughter. It has the look and feel of a ceremonial sword. We set it off in rich burgundy and mahogany, with a touch of gold. UV filtering glass was used to keep it from getting faded by the sun – the red threads would be especially vulnerable to fading.

Our shadowboxes are made with skill and care! We expertly mount the objects without gluing, taping or otherwise using non-archival methods. Everything is sewn, wired, or mounted by hand, with the least invasive methods possible. You can see in both of these examples that we created brackets for the swords that are covered with the same fabric as the background.  Colors are chosen to enhance the sword but also tells the story of who owned it.

We love including the belt and scabbard as well, if you still have it! A well made frame like these substantially help to protect the sword for years to come.  Find a place of honor on your wall and display your accomplishments with pride. If you weren’t an officer, but you know one who might appreciate this, come see us! Framing it can be a wonderful gift that will let them know you’re thankful for their service.




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  1. Yes, we can ship almost anywhere. I’m going to send you a private message with details 🙂 Thanks!

  2. I have my Great Great Grandfathers Ceremonial Sword, belt and shoulder epaulettes that l would like to have properly displayed. Can we talk about doing this? These are Civil War era.


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  3. I am interested in having my USMC Officer sword mounted (sword and scabbard), along with a K-Bar knife and sheaf. I have a layout in mind. Do you do such custom work? And if so, how does it work?

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