Prescott fine art gallery The Frame & I features Russell Johnson originals

Russell Johnson fine art oil painting

Russell Johnson Oil “Winter Sunrise at Bright Angel” in a hand carved frame made at The Frame & IRussell Johnson

The next time you’re in Downtown Prescott be sure to stop by The Frame & I, one of Prescott’s premier frame shops and fine art gallery. There you’ll find a stunning array of beautiful original artwork from some of Prescott’s finest artists, one of whom just happens to be Arizona native Russell Johnson.  You will find his expressive, vibrant and energetic paintings capture the beauty and sublimity of the Arizona landscape like little gems of light and color.  A generous selection of Johnson’s beautifully framed work is available for your viewing and collecting enjoyment right here at The Frame & I, your favorite picture framer!

Be transported in a transcendent visual symphony through the stroke of his brush, the dash of his palette knife. Johnson’s work will take you on a visual and spiritual journey through the beautiful and wild desert state of Arizona. Delight your senses as you escape into the thick color and texture of his richly atmospheric paintings.

Sunrise on New Hance Trail Oil by Russell Johnson

“Sunrise on New Hance Trail” Oil by Russell Johnson

Russell is an Arizona native landscape artist showing in Prescott fine art gallery, The Frame & I.

Through art-making he finds outlets to release expressions of the mysteries of nature. He began his love of art at a young age, creating drawings of subjects around his childhood home near Lynx Creek in Prescott. He acquired his first degree in art from Yavapai College, Associates of Arts, in 2001. Russell went on to receive his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Arizona in May of 2003. He later completed his thesis work, May of 2011, and graduated with a Master’s of Arts degree in Visual Arts from Prescott College. His thesis project was titled “Designing a Sublime Painting of the Grand Canyon.” In it, he wrote this artist statement: “The Grand Canyon is a landscape of radiant sights and experiences. The art I create reflects the excitement I feel toward the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon is a familiar and refreshing place yet it always reveals new pages in its seemingly endless book. Each new page is a delightful discovery of nature’s mysteries, an enduring cyclical process that encourages me to express the impact of its sublime qualities. My approach to painting is to investigate grand themes in nature.

Fossil Creek Tranquility oil by Russell Johnson

“Fossil Creek Tranquility” oil by Russell Johnson

During my portfolio research, I developed a strategy to translate my hiking experiences into impressions of how it actually felt to witness the Grand Canyon. Unconcerned about conveying exact details, I limited my attention to faithful and imaginative contemplation of the sublime. Just as the Grand Canyon has left an impression on me, my paintings serve a similar purpose: to invite an exploration of its majestic beauty.”

Johnson’s work captures a moment in time, a fleeting glimpse of light and shadow, a season, a dry wash that suddenly contains water. Arizona’s features are constantly changing and yet the bones and soul of the place remain the same. Johnson’s paintings preserve the natural beauty and wonder of being there yourself.

Come by our gallery and frame shop to see more of Russell Johnson’s work! New pieces are on display monthly and we will have artist demonstrations with Russell Johnson as the featured painter throughout the year.

The Frame & I Custom Picture Framing and Fine Art Gallery  – 229 W. Gurley St. Prescott, AZ. 86301 (928)445-5073   Located at the corner of Gurley & Granite Streets in lovely downtown Prescott Arizona.

Not visiting Prescott anytime soon? Shucks.We really would love to see you. You can find Russell’s artwork for sale on his own personal website though, so no worries. Click here to visit his online portfolio.