Picture Framing Arizona Style

We love you, Arizona! Being into picture framing in Arizona means we get to stretch our southwestern style… Welcome to our style book of southwestern framing options!

Picture Framing Arizona Style

At The Frame & I, 229 W. Gurley St. in downtown Prescott, Arizona, we love framing southwestern art and artifacts. The colors and patterns of the desert sing to our souls and inspire our creativity! We hand craft every frame and mat we make, right here in our shop in Prescott. Check out some of our latest Arizona style picture frames and creations!

Picture Framing Arizona Style

Sandpaintings look awesome in a custom frame with Arizona flair! These modern and traditional sandpaintings really shine in copper, sandstone and turquoise colors.

Picture Framing Arizona Style

Framed silk Hermes scarf of The Pony Express, in a leather frame with star conchos around it… Wearing a scarf like this would be a waste, why not frame it and enjoy it?

picture framing arizona style

This buffalo skull is mounted onto a reclaimed ranch wood backdrop and framed with the same kind of reclaimed barnwood. Rustic… yes please!

Little cowpuncher outfit for a rootin’ tootin’ young lady! This was framed so it could be displayed on the floor as a decor piece.

Picture Framing Arizona Style

Custom cut matting in the shape of our favorite state, Arizona!

We make these Home, Arizona signs right here at our frame shop! One of a kind, made in AZ.


A timeless silver and turquoise pendant, made by a native American craftsperson. We frame these so they can be removed and worn if desired – but displayed in a frame their beauty can be enjoyed all the time!

Sandpaintings are a huge part of Southwestern culture and storytelling. We frame these elaborately with vivid color and southwest designs on the matting.

Detail of the specialty mat cutout for the sandpaintings…

We hope you enjoyed getting inspired by our southwestern style! It’s awesome to be a picture frame shop in Arizona when we get to frame so many incredible artifacts of our area.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Words that will strike fear in the heart of any art collector – light discoloration, mat burns, spot of foxing, cockling around image and brittleness to paper!
    IF we accept the idea that we only ‘rent’ artwork for a time and owe it to the future viewer to preserve it, all of the people at the Frame and I are trained in the art of framing, displaying and preserving even the $50 watercolor we found at a yard sale.
    They are all artists in their own right and use their artist’s eye to put together truly remarkable frames, mats and preservation glass/materials to complement the artwork itself. They are, and will always be, our ‘go to’ framers!

  2. Thanks for your thoughtful comment, Roger! You and Linda are some of our favorite clients and we would not be able to be awesome without you. All the best, -Ida

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