Now Framing for the Holidays in Prescott at The Frame and I! Get it framed in time for gifting.

Now Framing for the Holidays in Prescott
Frame it in time for Christmas in Prescott at The Frame & I

Adorable santa baby picture makes fantastic holiday decor and a sentimental gift to last all year long!

Frame this scene in your mind: A quiet night, a gathering of friends and family. Tempting food and pleasant conversation abound. Sometime there will come a thoughtful and heartfelt gift exchange. Are the gifts going to be the latest gadget, something from Costco… or an off-the-shelf item made overseas? I hope not! Imagine instead, a beautifully framed memento that means so much to that special someone. Longer lasting than the latest i-whatever and much more meaningful…

shadowbox frame prescott az cufflinks flask

We made this shadowbox displaying a gentleman’s personal effects and photo.

Custom framing can mean so much, especially when somebody has a story to tell.

Now framing for the holidays in Prescott

Sweet shadowbox with a toddler’s football jersey and the original portrait studio photo sheet of him wearing it. Awwwww!

Whether it’s their medals or their diploma… Grandma’s knitting needles, Papa’s cufflinks… family photos, artwork, that special poem you wrote for them, or any special little something that will bring them to tears. We can help you make a truly unique frame that will preserve what’s inside for decades to come.

Frame for Christmas holidays at Frame and I Prescott

This fragile leaf is made into art with a delicate inscription made by burning areas out. We carefully custom framed it in a gorgeous olive wood frame.

Doesn’t custom framing take a long time? No! We framing elves make every effort to frame it in time for the Holidays for you. Our festive slogan is:

Now Framing for the Holidays in Prescott at The Frame and I! Get it framed in time for gifting. Yes, we can!

Celebrate them! Celebrate you! This is the time of year to really let them know just how special they are, and how much you care for them. What could be more special than a one of a kind gift like a custom framed picture, diploma, art, needlework, or shadowbox? Everybody has SOMETHING frame worthy. We want to be your idea center for the bestest presents ever!

Now Framing for the Holidays in Prescott

We custom framed this old violin with a picture of the musician in a unique leather clad frame.

now framing for christmas holidays in prescott

Custom framed Dbacks autographed photo

We are now framing for the Holidays… yes, we can frame it in time! Get your items and your little self down here and let us make picture framing magic. What kind of special mementos have your family or friends got tucked away?

Frame it for Christmas at the Frame & I prescott

Framed Purple Heart medal with caption nameplate.

Time to sneak them down here to us at The Frame & I, and we will even giftwrap it for you.  The Frame & I at 229 W. Gurley St. in Downtown Prescott… Arizona’s Christmas City!

Now Framing for the Holidays in Prescott




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