Navy officer honored with custom framed showcase at The Frame and I

Navy officer honored with custom framed showcase at The Frame and I

Front view of the Navy officer’s handmade display case


What could be a more awesome gift than creating a custom showcase commemorating somebody’s military career?

We here at The Frame and I were thrilled to get the opportunity to build this custom framed showcase for a Navy officer’s hat and insignia from World War II.

Every part of this display is custom made, from the hat stand to the small interior frame, to the base. The acrylic is snugly fitted to the base so that it can be lifted out (just in case the items ever need to be removed). UV filtering acrylic will protect the memorabilia and keep it free of dust.

Striking black and gold against a rich black velour really enhance the items. We built this case with an eye for symmetry, which gives it the needed formality of an officer’s items.  You can see the button covers, epaulets, victory medal, dog tag, ID card and other insignia carefully stitched and pinned onto a delicate interior frame, which we propped up onto the hand made hat stand. The hat stand is built so that the hat can be removed for cleaning. It has a wide flat cushioned base to support the soft interior of the hat itself.  The case itself slips in between an interior and exterior frame so that dust can’t get in but the case can be opened.

One of the most enjoyable parts of being professional picture framers is that we get to be involved in preserving a little part of history. We love having the chance to help bring your story to life!

Navy officer honored with custom framed showcase at The Frame and I

3/4 view of Navy Officer’s display case

A great frame or display case can help to protect and save your memories for future generations. Whether you want to honor someone now, or remember someone who’s gone; putting it all together in a loving and respectful frame or case makes sure that they’ll know it’s special. We are here to help! Come visit us in Prescott and see what great custom picture framing is really all about.

Thanks for reading, and Happy New Year!

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  1. What is the cost of making the display case allowing me to place contents inside?

    1. Post

      Hello, costs can vary significantly based on size and finish chosen. Can you stop in sometime and see our huge selection? Thanks for your interest in our framing!

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