It’s our 2022 Employee Frame Design Challenge!

2022 employee frame design challenge

It’s the 2022 Employee Frame Design Challenge at the Frame and I!

2022 employee frame design challenge

The challenge: Each team member was given the exact same print of “Skeletons riding bicycles” by José Guadalupe; and asked to frame it according to their own style and design preferences! We think each of their designs is so unique, fun, and expressive! It just goes to show that there isn’t only one way to frame anything. Our team is as unique and varied as their frame choices 🙂

Which framers’ design will be voted the best???

One winning designer, chosen on October 31st and announced November 1st, will be celebrated in our downtown store window, on social media, and our website!

You can follow the link here (or at the bottom of this post) to place your vote on Surveymonkey!

Now for the frames of the 2022 Employee Frame Design Challenge, below!

2022 Employee Frame Design Challenge

Design A: Rustic frame with gears and moving mechanical parts

Click here to see a video of this frame in motion!


2022 Employee Frame Design Challenge

This frame has working gears and twirling skully boys. Click here to see a video of it in motion!

Design B: Gold frame with hand painted watercolor border

2022 Employee Frame Design Challenge

This frame has a vintage feel and really channels Dia de los Muertos; butterfly wings and mortuary vibes

Frame detail:

Design C: Green frame with polka dots

2022 Employee Frame Design Challenge

This frame is vibrant and colorful as Mexico itself.

Detail of green frame:


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Who are the contestants in the 2022 Picture Frame Design Challenge?

Olivia Ortega is an outstanding picture frame designer, fine artist, dancer, choreographer, lighting artist, and stage manager for local theater events! She has grown up in the Prescott area and brings a vibrant creative energy to everything she does. Accordingly, her sense of color and proportion lend a skillful hand to all of her frame designs. She has a dedicated following of clients who enjoy her unique perspective on art and style. We are fortunate to call her our ‘framechild’ and have her as part of our award winning team!

Francine Hackerott is a skilled artisan woodworker, and long-time picture framer! Her craftsmanship and ingenuity, as well as her artistic integrity, make her a vital part of our team. Winner of the International Design Star award in 2015, her design skills have received worldwide recognition. As part of the Design Star process, she has collaborated on her own line of picture frame mouldings that are available worldwide; the Salon 1789 line from Larson Juhl. Francine is a framing expert with an emphasis on preservation of delicate and unusual items. This lady can build anything!


Russell Johnson, manager at the Frame and I, grew up right here in Prescott. He attended local schools and went on to receive a BFA degree from the University of Arizona and a MA degree from Prescott College. Russell started working at the Frame and I in 1999 as a backroom wood worker, mat cutter, and fitter. After completing art school, he took on the duties of gallery curator, production manager, and frame designer. Russell is a certified picture framer, which means he is knowledgeable of current preservation framing techniques. Besides using his creativity at the Frame and I, Russell is a professional oil painter in his own right. He found a love for art at a young age and became influenced by the natural beauty around Prescott. Russell welcomes any framing challenge that walks into the door.


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