Frame your concert posters like this Hatsune Miku VIP concert frame!

Hatsune Miku VIP concert frame!

Have you heard of Hatsune Miku? No? Ok, well we hadn’t either, but this is fascinating! “She” is a virtual pop singer – a holographic creation that rocks the house. Art and music combine to create a pop sensation!  Speaking of pop, one fan’s awesome Dad brought this poster and collection of memorabilia in for us to frame for his daughter. Behold, the Hatusune Miku VIP concert frame!

Hatsune Miku VIP concert frame!

Concert memories – photos of the big day, VIP passes and an awesome poster make for memorable wall art!

We “popped” this poster into a fluorescent turquoise metal frame to bring out Hatsune Miku’s signature ponytails.  Photos of Dad and daughter along with VIP passes and badges line the side of the frame.  We used a glossy black mat that’s darker than dark, and cut openings in it to house the photos. Badges and passes are sewn on top, and then a spacer is placed between those and the acrylic glazing to keep them from touching.  Matte finished acrylic keeps reflections down to a minimum.

We know this Hatsune Miku framed collection will be a cherished memory for the young lady of a great concert with dad…

Do you have any concert memories that are languishing in a box or album? Bring them to us and we’ll make a rockin’ frame display for them. Keep scrolling for some more examples of concert memorabilia we’ve framed… and next time you go to a show, buy the poster! Save the tickets! Take pictures and bring it all to us to frame. You’ll love it.

Leon Russell Album, Photos, & Tickets

Leon Russell Album, Photos, & Tickets – framed so the record would still be playable if it was ever taken out of the frame! This is why you custom frame it!

Alice Cooper custom framed at The Frame & I in Prescott

Framed Alice Cooper signed photograph in a spooky black leather, bloody handprint mat and mechaniod frame.

Brad Newman Prescott guitar

Prescott musician and YEI ceo Brad Newman’s old guitar! We framed it up before the neck snapped from wear and tear. Thanks for all of the Taco Tuesdays, Brad.

frame your collectibles!

Custom framed bandana from Reverend Horton Heat concert, in a unique triangle shaped frame.


Hope you enjoyed reading! Have a great weekend, hope you get to see some cool shows. Remember, bring your concert memories to us and we’ll frame them up right.