Happy 20th Anniversary to Ida Woll! 20 years of picture framing and art supplies in Prescott.

Ida Woll The Frame and I
Ida Woll The Frame and I

Ida Woll, owner of The Frame and I

Happy 20th Anniversary to Ida Woll, owner of the Frame and I and the Art Store!

Today marks 20 years of picture framing and art supplies for Ida, who started picture framing at The Frame and I back in 1995.  A lot has changed in Prescott since that time, but The Frame and I continues to be one of Prescott’s premier picture frame shops. It’s still in the same location today, at 229 W. Gurley St.. The Art Store, her other shop, is located at 537 Sixth St., Prescott.

Ida was initially hired by Joe Hensley, the original owner of The Frame and I. She worked side by side with Kathleen Roeth, apprenticing under this master framer and learning the fine art of professional custom picture framing. At this point in time, Ida can confidently say she has framed JUST about everything. The Art Store was located next to the Frame and I at the time, and Ida worked there too – stocking shelves, selling art supplies and advising artists on the best materials for their projects.

In 1998 Ida and Kathleen had the opportunity to buy the business from Joe and Joanna Hensley, so they jumped at the chance. In their first year, the business nearly doubled! It was an exciting time. Learning how to operate the business along with scaling with the growth was better than a college education for this PHS graduate.

Frame and I owner

Ida Woll, her husband Keith, and her parents buy the Frame and I from Joe and Joanna Hensley (and their Yorkie dog, Doodles) in 1998.

Then… catastrophe. First Kathleen developed heart troubles, then Ida was hospitalized for a week for major emergency surgery due to a blown appendix. Kathleen, who was always a capable go-getter and super hard worker, had to back off her hours to recover and remain healthy. So the pair hired Russell Johnson in 1999 to help with the extra work. He’s worked for the Frame and I since, and is still there today as manager and featured gallery artist.

Kathleen retired in 2011, leaving Ida in charge as the Lone Ranger of the Frame and I.

At the peak of the housing boom, 13 souls worked for the Frame and I and the Art Store.  Post-recession there is a steady staff of seven talented artists; four at the Art Store and three at The Frame & I.

In the 20 years that Ida has been at The Frame & I, the store has been nominated for Business of the Year three times, has won the 2015 International Design Star award (due to the amazing talent of team member Francine Hackerott), has been nominated twice for a Buckey Award for art philanthropy, has sponsored and supported many art scholarships and awards, and been involved locally helping many non-profits like Yavapai Humane Society, Prescott Sunup Rotary, Kiwanis, Boys and Girls Club, and more.

Ida’s husband Keith now manages The Art Store because try as she might, Ida could not clone herself (and she really didn’t want to). Both stores are an endless source of inspiration and creativity, community and art. Hopefully with luck, grace and continued good health Ida and Keith will continue to serve Prescott’s artists, collectors and creatives with their store offerings. Make sure to stop by either store and get your dose of inspiration! Ida calls it an “art fix”. Happy weekend!