Hanging with Dad for Father’s Day

Hanging with Dad for Father's Day

Dads are a huge part of the family picture. No, literally, Dad takes up nearly half of this sweet family photo!  hehe…

With Father’s Day coming up, it’s time to give Dad his due.  What could be more awesome than finding or taking a family photo that features Dad? Then you can frame it to suit Dad’s style.  He can put it on his desk or hang it on the wall in his man cave, or anywhere else where he might want to remember why being a Dad is one of life’s greatest gifts!  He’ll see all of your smiling faces and be so thankful you were hanging with Dad for Father’s Day.

This adorable family photo was snapped when little miss Cora was only a week old.  What a proud Dada, and sweet older brother! We came up with a frame for it that suits Dad’s personal taste. It’s rugged and leathery looking, and will be perfect in his studio.  Scroll on down to see it framed!

Hanging with Dad for Father's Day

This photo of Russell, Skylar and Cora is so precious. It’s definitely printworthy – so get it out of the phone and onto the wall in a great frame. When you frame a photo for dad, you can be hanging with dad for Father’s day too!

Hanging with Dad for Father's Day

Dad’s picture came out great in this manly, burly frame. Isn’t this little family so sweet.. I mean dashing? Awww… cute… I mean stunning. 😉

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