Graduate to better framing – frame your diploma to suit your degree!

Your degree took time, brains, hard work and no small amount of money.

It is the reward for years of dedication! You need to frame your diploma. Yet so often, grads just keep it in its envelope or treat it like another everyday piece of paper. Wait, graduating is a HUGE achievement, people! So why would you slap your diploma, certificate, award or degree into a craft store frame? Frame your diploma the right way! Because bad things can happen when it’s framed the wrong way – cardboard can burn it with acid as it ages, UV light from windows or fluorescent lamps can fade and make it brittle, a frame that fits wrong can cause it to wrinkle, and without mats it can get stuck to the glass.

Oh no, you put your diploma in a craft store frame! Oh, the humanity!

Bad diploma framing is a Greek tragedy that can, for once, be averted!

frame your diploma

Johns Hopkins University degree in a custom frame

Bring your diploma to us at The Frame and I in Prescott, AZ and we’ll create a frame for it that will not only be elegant and perfect for your taste, it will preserve your diploma for a lifetime to come!

All of the above and following frame designs were done right here at The Frame & I by our skilled craftspeople. They’re gorgeous and make such a unique statement when displayed proudly!

frame embry riddle diploma

Embry Riddle degree in a deluxe frame with school colors

Cambridge College degree and tassel

PPFA certification in a traditional beaded frame with silk mats

frame your diploma prescott

Custom Framed Prescott College Diploma in a burlwood and leather design


frame your diploma

NAU diploma with tassel, photos and invitation

Any school achievement or certification is important! Check out some of these sporting frames for our local schools…

PHS basketball then and now

PHS sports achievement awards for varsity baseball

Don’t forget to frame those lifetime achievements! Here’s our own Francine accepting her Design Star award!

design star 2015

Francine accepting her award at the PPFA international trade conference in January.

Whatever your achievement, make sure to show it off proudly and preserve it too, in a beautiful custom frame from The Frame & I in Prescott, AZ!


Thanks for reading!


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