How to give an awesome gift in five easy steps

How to frame awesome gifts

Gift giving is really an art form, isn’t it? We can all agree the best gifts are thoughtful, and are just as much about the giver as the recipient. Something that truly expresses a feeling two people share.  Something that makes them laugh… Something that makes them cry. It isn’t easy, so we’re going to give you some tips…

How to give an awesome gift in five easy steps

How to give awesome gifts

Handmade shadowboxes make special gifts =)

1.) This is usually the hardest part because it takes some thought. Who is the gift for? No, really… who are they? Do you know them well enough to know what kind of person they are? Are they passionate about something, anything? What is something interesting or outstanding about them? Try to think of something unique about them and then play a riff off of that. Even the most reclusive of people have something that defines them. Your gift will show that you noticed who they are inside, and this counts way more than even an expensive gift that doesn’t mean anything to them.

2.) It’s not the money, it’s the thought that counts. Still, sometimes a splurge is appropriate! Big year? Don’t be cheap… take the opportunity to do something over the top when and if you can.

3.) Do something for them that they wouldn’t do for themselves. Think of it, plan it, and do it all on your own (remember to consider #1). Avoid asking them for a list of stuff they want; because let’s be honest, that is only one step away from them buying it for themselves! Plan a day-trip, or a lovely date; a vacation or a party, a spa day, a trip to the big game. Then work out all the details so all they have to do is show up. Best. Gift. Ever! Oh, skip the crummy coupons for a mediocre attempt at backrubs or doing chores – you should be doing those things all the time and not as ‘gifts’. Really!

4.) Make something from scratch. Even if it isn’t very good. Your time and your effort is so valuable, it counts!

5.) Celebrate and spend time together. The gift of yourself is priceless! Play games, work a puzzle, have a conversation by the fire. Cuddle. Sing. Play instruments. Read out loud to each other. You get the idea!


Now that you have some pointers, go out and start giving awesome gifts to those you love! Have fun watching their faces light up, you incredible human being, you.

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