Frame your diploma – It’s graduation season!

frame your diploma

Oh YES! School’s out for Summer!

Post Grads… College students… High school students… GED earners… Certificate seekers… Did you graduate this May?  Awesome job!  School is a huge investment in time, money and resources.  You should be proud of your achievement.  You’re going to rock in your new career!  We salute you. You have made yourself better, and the world is better because of it.

Now it’s time to frame your diploma!

You worked REALLY hard to earn it. Don’t just cram it into any old readymade frame… come have it personally designed and framed by our experts here at The Frame & I!  Each piece in this above example is hand sewn into place.

Russell painstakingly cleans out dust before closing up the frame.

frame your diploma

This NAU diploma is framed together with photos, tassel and honors. How will YOU frame your diploma?

Your diploma isn’t just some ordinary piece of paper.  It’s the physical evidence of your lifetime’s investment in improving yourself.  It says so much about you, about your dedication to a dream, and about your perseverance.  You have beaten the odds and graduated!  Smarty pants.

frame your diploma

Frame with school colors and include the tassel! This diploma looks fabulous and will be a showpiece in any office or professional environment.

Since you’re obviously well educated, you understand the value of this particular piece of paper.  A proper frame by a quality frame shop will preserve it and show it off so much better than the dubious quality and assembly of those cookie-cutter diploma frames you see everywhere.  You’re in luck, we are here for you!  We can frame your diploma to suit your personal taste and style.  We can incorporate your school colors, your honors and photos, even your mortarboard cap.  Frame your diploma to match your personality or your decor.  Frame your diploma to protect it against airborne contaminates and damaging UV light.  We have everything you need to frame it perfectly.

Frame your diploma

This Prescott College Masters Degree is framed in elegant silk and rustic woods. It really matches the personality of the degree holder, and will look great for a lifetime.

Do you know a graduate?  Are they broke now?  😉   Frame their diploma for them as a thoughtful gift.  That way, it won’t get slipped into a drawer or worse… tacked to the wall (shudder)!  The new graduate in your life will be honored that you thought of them at this important time in their life.  Frame it right, frame it for life, frame your diploma to showcase your accomplishment to the world!

frame your diploma

Certificates look great in custom frames too! This one is Russell’s CPF. Framed in slubbed silk and olive wood, it is a prized treasure.

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