The Frame and I has frame game with PHS basketball!

Prescott High School Basketball

When framing professionals at the Frame & I and PHS athletes team up, you know it’s going to be a big win!

Check out how The Frame and I has frame game with PHS basketball!

The Frame and I has frame game with PHS basketball

This frame project celebrates a special family relationship! From Grandfather to Grandson, the legacy of PHS sports is alive and well! Grandpa is featured in the black and white photos, while grandson is in the color ones. A letter written by the grandson is included in the frame as tribute to Grandpa’s influence in his life. This is the kind of family story that brings a smile to our faces. We are honored to be a part of projects like this one! It’s good to celebrate family, sports, and frames 🙂

What goes into this PHS frame?

The frame itself is deceptively simple. It’s black but not basic, with a beveled edge and a deep orange stripe. We used a basketball textured orange mat as a backdrop, then we built up each photo in its own tiny frame and floated them on top of the orange. PHS blue and gold (Forever!) is used for the top two mats. In the final framing seconds, our award winning framer Francine Hackerott used her mat carving talent to create a fierce Badger logo at the bottom right of the mat. That’s a slam dunk frame job right there!

Worthy to go in the home of the Badgers, or any home or office 🙂

The Frame and I has frame game with PHS basketball

Have you got a family memory or relationship that needs to come out and play? Pass it to us, because we’re your framing dream team! Just give us a call at (928)445-5073 or use our contact form to get hold of us. Bring your framing ideas and we will be ready to play ball!

Talk to Ida, Francine, or Russell about your next project and we’ll help you come up with a game winning frame design. We can match any school’s colors and we love a good challenge. When the time comes to up your frame game you can count on us!

Interested in PHS athletics? Click here for information about their sports programs!


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  1. Hi does your company make shadow boxes? My husband has his dads medals from WW2 that we would like to have in a display!

    1. Post

      Yes, we do! We make them one at a time, and we help you choose the color and style of frame. Then our framers carefully sew and attach the medals so they are unharmed and safely preserved. Thanks for asking! -Ida

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