And the Design Star 2015 contest winner is… Francine Hackerott of The Frame &I

design star 2015

Our very own Francine Hackerott is the Design Star 2015 contest winner!

design star 2015

We are so excited and honored that she won this prestigious award from Larson Juhl. Her design and craftsmanship skills on her entry, a waterguilded tabernacle frame, impressed the judges and earned her a place among the stars. We are so proud of you, Francine.

Francine and Russell by a photo of Francine ' s frame at the award ceremony

Francine and Russell pose in front of a photo of Francine ‘ s entry at the award ceremony.


What does this mean for us at the Frame & I? Francine gets to design a line of picture frames for Larson Juhl. We got to hang out with the past year Design Star winner and some of Larson ‘ s design team and it sounds like some travel will be in the cards.

We feel like Francine just won an Academy Award… thank you Larson Juhl and congratulations Francine!


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