Custom frames on mirrors really bring light and openness to your space. Not only are they perfectly sized and matched to your furniture and accessories, they really tie the room together and add light to your space. We can help you choose frames for your mirrors that will make your space shine! Any size, any shape; beveled or smooth; oval, rectangle, or round… Mirrors are so gorgeous. We recommend getting several of the same type to unify your space!

The really fun part about custom mirrors? You can pick a frame you love, just because you love it. There’s no worrying about whether it clashes or overwhelms the art!

Mirrors can be beveled or flat and can be made to nearly any shape.

Our frames are some of the finest available, in any finish imaginable. Our giant selection of styles and designs means the world is your oyster! We can help you match the frame to your counters, fixtures, floors and walls. Make three or four at a time and watch your space come alive.

Come by the Frame & I today, check out some frame samples to take home and see how they look in your space!
When you return, we’ll help you decide on the best type of glass, and finalize the size of your mirrors. Once they’re built, we can deliver and install them too! Just ask us.