A military career isn’t undertaken lightly, and every badge or medal earned is a testament to a dedicated life. Don’t trust those important items to a mass-produced display case… bring it here to The Frame & I and we will make a one of a kind display for medals, tags, flags, patches, photos, and certificates. You want the best display case you can get for your military items! We are here for you.

There are a lot of military display cases available out there, but are they safe to display your items in? Some things to consider:

Will the items press against glass? Glass temperatures and contact can cause mold and water damage, as well as sticking that can’t be… unstuck. Proper space inside your display case is vital.

Will the glass filter UV light? Cheaper displays use just plain old glass, which filters about 40% of UV. This is not very effective filtering (I think of it as being like an SPF 8 sunscreen… it only slows the burn). We offer UV filtering Artglass that blocks 95-98% of UV light while still offering great clarity and low reflection. This glass helps your military medals stay in good shape for decades of viewing.

Will the items be glued or taped down? This is inevitably the most damaging part of most cheaply done displays. Glue and tape causes irreversible damage to metal, paper and fabric. We hand sew items in place to preserve them without adhesive transfer.

So when you need a military medal display case, come see us! We will make it look amazing and last a lifetime.