Custom framed valentines make sweet gifts!

awesome valentine gift idea
Custom framed valentines make sweet gifts!

Lucy and Desi… love love love! This ornate custom frame meets that mid-century retro vibe.

Chocolates? Check. Tasty adult beverages? Check. Barry White? Check. But somehow, it all feels the same as last year…

Why not do something special, something really different this year? Make your valentine feel awesomely good by framing that special photo, poem or memento for them. They will love you for it because…

Custom framed valentines make sweet gifts!

Sweet, yes, and so very special, because custom means it’s one of a kind just like your valentine!

The sweetest valentines of all are those that are thoughtful and personal. So go ahead and get the chocolates, but if you really want to knock their “socks” off you’ll do something unique and special that really tells them how much you love them.

Here are some more examples of how custom framed valentines make sweet gifts….

Do you have an inner poet that has discovered a Valentine muse? Write that stuff down, and then frame it up! We can help you typeset and print your poem if you want, and then frame it any style. What could be more romantic, and who wouldn’t love getting such a thoughtful and original valentine? Sweet!

custom framed valentines make sweet gifts

Write an original poem and put it in a handmade custom frame for the sweetest gift ever!


Feeling crafty? You could do this… a little wrapping paper or a sweet valentine card could be used for the backdrop, then use scrabble letters to say just how you feel. Messages off of those candy hearts could be fun too! Or maybe something more pithy… just saying it could be very entertaining to make your own scrabble valentine. We have ready made frames as well as custom that would work perfectly for this… try using a 5″ x 7″ card for your backdrop to fit it in a standard ready made frame.

custom framed valentines make sweet gifts

A little paper and some scrabble letters make a simple but special valentine. No glass necessary.

Do you do needlepoint, or collect lace or embroidery? There are many feminine and romantic designs out there. We can frame your valentine needlework up extra nice for your sweetie. Custom framed valentines really do make sweet gifts!

Frame your stitchery!

Bobbin Lace technique stitched heart with red beads, framed romatically in red silk and gold.


Happy valentine’s day,


Love, Ida!