Cowboy Poets Gathering 2016 Prescott print

cowboy poets gathering 2016 prescott

The 29th annual Arizona Cowboy Poets Gathering 2016 is happening in Prescott once again!  We are so excited to frame their commemorative print, like we do every year. These prints are gorgeous, and the Cowboy Poets have been making them for a long time. The first collectible print came out in 1991, and later years’ prints have been sold out. There are still several years’ worth of prints available and many of them are really fabulous art.  Curious? Look at some of the past  years’ prints here in their online shop.  Better yet, get one and bring it on down for us to frame! 😉

The Arizona Cowboy Poets Gathering is an annual get together of singers, poets, and writers. Many of them are working cowboys who practice their craft while working the range. Each year the Arizona Cowboy Poets Gathering committee chooses artwork to feature on their posters, brochures, program and web-site.  It also becomes the “theme” for the poets and musicians as they attend the Gathering.

This year’s poster artist is Marcia Molnar and the title of the art is “Dust N’ Dogies.”  The picture below shows it in a custom frame made by us at The Frame & I in Prescott, AZ. We donate the framing for the gathering, then they take the poster to different locations around town to advertise the upcoming event.  It all happens August 11th, 12th and 13th at Yavapai College Performing Arts Center. You can get tickets to the gathering here.

cowboy poets gathering 2016 prescott

Arizona Cowboy Poets Gathering in Prescott, 2016, has a beautiful commemorative poster by the illustrious and extremely talented Marcia Molnar! Here you can see we framed it in reclaimed rustic wood, with decorative nailheads and hand painted color.

Let’s talk about this year’s print. The fabulous artist behind the print is none other than Prescott’s own Marcia Molnar!  This lady is an amazing and talented painter of western and landscape subjects. She also does portraiture and wow… just wow!  See more of Marcia’s work here at her website:

Marcia Molnar has studied art and painting extensively. She puts so much soul into her exquisite paintings of the west and southwest. Her color palette is rich, vivid, emotive. The light moves in her paintings like a dance with the sun… and just look at the skies!  Pure poetry in paint.

cowboy poets gathering 2016 prescott

This is the framed Giclee (pronounced ghee-clay) print of Marcia Molnar’s beautiful painting, used for the Arizona Cowboy Poets Gathering in Prescott, 2016. We custom framed it in Angus faux leather, reclaimed wood and rustic nailheads. Giclee prints are beautiful canvas reproductions of original artwork.

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning a little more about the Cowboy Poets Gathering, Marcia Molnar and of course some awesome framing 😉

Thanks for reading!

Ida K.

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