Check out this framed Infiltrator movie poster! Framed at The Frame and I

check out this framed infiltrator movie poster!

Are you a huge fan of movies? When you collect a movie poster, it’s important to display it right. Rather than stuff it into a black plastic frame we did something unique… Check out this framed Infiltrator movie poster!  It’s an instant classic for any collector. Why frame it cheesy when it can become a statement piece for your collection?

Check out this framed Infiltrator movie poster!

Framing original movie posters is one of the many fun things we get to do as picture framers! This original poster from the movie Infiltrator looks awesome with a double mat and warm silver frame. We used museum glass to control reflections and protect it from fading. The poster has an original autograph too, so preservation is really important.

This isn’t your average movie poster! It’s an original release two-sided poster. Movie companies often print them this way so that when they hang in the window of a theater, the back side is visible from the inside of the theater. Interestingly, they print the back side in reverse so it looks transparent… but it’s actually printed on both sides!  This poster is especially unique because of its original autograph, too. One of the people the movie was based on signed the poster! Did you see this movie? What did you think of it?

Check out this framed Infiltrator movie poster!

This is the back side of the poster. Official release movie posters typically have the reverse image printed on the back. We framed it so that the back could still be seen, as a way to validate the authenticity and unique quality of this original poster.

We framed this poster so that the front side looks perfect with a double mat and UV filtering low reflection glass. The back is framed so you can see that it’s printed, but we used just a single mat and regular shiny acrylic because this side will be against the wall most of the time. Still, it’s really cool to be able to see the back, and know it’s an original first run movie theater poster!

Have you got movie posters just laying around, or *shudder* thumbtacked to the wall?  Come see us and splurge on a cool frame for those great posters! We’ll help you make them look their very best!

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