Brand new old style, Larson Juhl’s Salon 1789 frames

Brand new old style, Larson Juhl's Salon 1789 frames
Brand new old style, Larson Juhl's Salon 1789 frames

Our first order for our newest frame line is a beautiful portrait.

This is our first frame using a special new frame line, Larson Juhl’s Salon 1789. It’s a brand-new old style, designed right here in Prescott by The Frame & I’s own Francine Hackerott!

Salon 1789 designed for Larson Juhl by Francine Hackerott of The Frame & I, in Prescott, Arizona!

The brilliant silver finish is muted with a timeworn patina. This frame is so perfect for the photo portrait, from mimicking the curls in her hair to picking up the silvery grey color of the original mount. We chose a tan mat to bring the eye back to the colors in the photograph itself.

The style of this frame makes it fit wonderfully with art and photographs from any era.

We are so proud of Francine for her hand in designing a truly beautiful frame line… Thanks to Larson Juhl for the opportunity to collaborate on it and for all of their professional advise! Not to mention handling all of the production 😉

Here’s a photo of the entire line of Larson Juhl’s Salon 1789:


Pretty stunning, right? This is an instant classic look. We LOVE the muted gold and the cool silver.Larson Juhl salon 1789

Here’s the frame artist herself, modeling a Getty-inspired display of empty Salon 1789 frames artfully arranged at the launch event in January.

The really nifty thing about Salon 1789 is that Francine designed all of the frames to fit together (in framing lingo, “stack”). When these frames are stacked, infinite design possibilities are available. Check out this next picture of the tabernacle frame she made with the new line:

francine with salon 1789

The print to her left is framed in Salon 1789… all cut and fabricated into the unique shape you see here. Francine is a master woodworker and it really shows in this example!

We’re excited to have had a client select Francine’s frames for their photograph, and look forward to making even more frames out of Larson Juhl’s Salon 1789.  Come on by the Frame & I soon and let us show it to you!

Read more about Francine’s process here in the latest issue of 5enses, Prescott’s art and science magazine.