For many who think about Prescott images of the wild west come to mind.  Wyatt Earp, miners looking for the big pay day, cowboys working the high range, and of course Whiskey Row.  Many people also think of Prescott for its amazing outdoor activities.  Miles of hiking trails, mountain biking, rock climbing, and even boating on the local lakes.  Beyond the Western and outdoor images, there’s also the Prescott Art scene!  You see, the Prescott Arts community is large and varied.

Prescott Art – Beyond Western Images

Prescott Art Pen and Ink by Ida WollPrescott was once the territorial capitol of Arizona.  In the early days many people set down roots in Prescott.  Some came to strike it rich, others came to settle the area, ranchers and cowboys worked throughout the region.  Prescott is a true Western town, and even to this day large ranches remain in operation in the area and cowboys still work the range.

And while Prescott remains a unique western town in Arizona, it’s grown beyond that.  The Prescott Art community displays more than just Western Art.  And with dozens of galleries throughout the town visitors can appreciate a diverse representation of artists’ works.  You won’t find just paintings of cowboys and horses (although those are available in town as well).  No matter what your artistic tastes are, we’re willing to bet you’ll find art work that will appeal to you on your next visit.

Visiting the Prescott Art galleries you’ll quickly realize the diversity of art available in town.  From post modern oils to majestic landscapes created in a variety of mediums, the area has a wide variety of artist works on display.  Oils, acrylics, water colors, pen and ink, colored pencils, pastels, photography, and more.  All mediums can be found in the galleries of Prescott, and all forms of artistic subjects are well covered too.

The Frame & I’s Gallery

Our frame shop also has its own gallery as well.  Oil paintings, pen and ink, colored pencil works, photography, jewelry, and more can be found at our gallery.  And also, the frames on the walls are artistic endeavors as well.

So on your next visit to Prescott, be sure to investigate the artistic side of our community.  Pay a visit to the galleries linked below.  Stop into The Frame & I and see the works we have on display.  And if you have a work of art that you’d like preserved and presented well, bring it along.  Our framers can take on any job when it comes to your art works!

The Art Store

The Art Store: Art Supplies and Classes

Mountain Artists Guild

Mountain Artists Guild

Tis Art Center

Tis Art Center and Gallery

Prescott College

Prescott College Sam Hill Warehouse

4th Friday

4th Friday Art Walk

Center for the Arts

Prescott Center for the Arts

Yavapai College

Yavapai College Art Gallery

Southwestern Artists

Southwestern Artists Association