Anniversary picture frame stash of love letters takes us on a sentimental journey

Anniversary picture frame love letter stash; romantic, sentimental

secret picture frame stash

The front of this frame is an elegant display of an eloquent love letter, photo and wedding cake topper; but within is a secret love letter stash!

This family heirloom shadowbox framing project has a little secret! It’s not just any old anniversary picture frame. Hidden in the back are years’ worth of love letters. Awwww! We created niches in the back to access the secret love letter stash, so they can be read and re-read.

Framed in the elegant, timeless Larson Juhl Biltmore moulding, a suede mat with golden fillets to brighten and bring attention to the framed objects; and protected the piece with True Vue UV filtering museum glass… this anniversary picture frame is a stunner!

The frame is deep enough to house the three dimensional wedding cake topper made of fragile porcelain. We included the original photo, envelope, and letters tell the story of a love made to last. As a special touch we also added a nameplate with the names of the happy couple and wedding date. We assembled everything archivally, without glue or tape that would damage the items. This shadowbox full of love will be a family treasure for years to come!

secret picture frame stash

Look at all the love letters! We made it so they can be easily accessed from the back. Then, we stored them in archival pockets to protect them from any acidity in the surrounding environment.

This is soooo sweet! What a romantic anniversary gift (or anytime gift) to celebrate the love of a lifetime.  We love love, here at The Frame and I! Come visit us, give us a call, or email with any anniversary picture frame ideas you may have! We look forward to creating a one of a kind anniversary picture frame with you.

secret picture frame stash

Detail of the wedding cake topper figurines – adoreable! Just another part of the secret love letter stash…