A two sided framing project with a unique side!

Two sided framing shows off all the best assets of the art! 😉

This delightful 1920’s – 1930’s ashtray has a secret surprise… the bottom literally has a bottom! We couldn’t just hide it in a frame that hangs on the wall. This little gem needed to be on full display in the round. Our client loves this heirloom piece and it has such a wry twist… We made a display that can stand free and proud on a tabletop, pedestal or console.

Framed with one of our newest frame lines, Eiffel, the brass color in the frame compliments the brass tray well!

two sided framing

Sweet, isn’t she? This darling lady is doing a delightful curtsey.


two sided framing

Whoops! from the back, it appears she caught a draft. We couldn’t cover this up as it’s the best feature of this tiny ash tray.

Naughty ashtrays were more common back in the day when many more people smoked. You can still find a plethora of them for sale on the internet! We’re glad that our client kept this heirloom one and we’re delighted they framed it this way.

As framers we love a challenge, and two sided framing comes with its own set of challenges… First, suspending the object properly so it doesn’t slide or fall while not being glued or taped in any way. We build physical interior supports that are as invisible as possible to support and preserve the object being framed. Then, assembling it so that the frames look seamless is crucial. We use magnets to hold the two frames together snuggly. The base needs to be built large enough to support the art without tipping over, while at the same time not looking heavy or bulky.

We love how this one turned out!

Bring all of your unique framing challenges to us at The Frame and I in Prescott and we will come up with a solution that shows off YOUR assets!

Thanks for reading!

-Ida Woll, president

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